Basic Competency Index By Discipline and Specialization: Undergraduate Degrees

Links to summary lists of specializations within each discipline are provided below. The detailed list of specializations is available for each discipline on its respective website, each of which has a parallel downloadable PDF enumerating detailed competencies for that specialization. In this way, users of these resources may download only the specific information of interest.

Please Note:  The lists of competencies are derived from accreditation standards for the professional and liberal arts undergraduate degrees in the arts field listed.

Competencies provided for each specialization are excerpts from the Handbook for the arts discipline specified. Items in each set of competencies indicate the content and natures of the competencies expected of those graduating with the specified degree, or recommendations for competency development.

Only the Handbook in its entirety contains all standards and guidelines applicable to and used by all phases of NASAD, NASD, NASM, or NAST membership reviews.