Proposed Revisions/Comments

Last Update: January 2024

All draft proposals will be posted here as they are approved for public comment. Indications will be provided for each proposal regarding the type of review, the dates of comment periods, and whether the proposal is scheduled for a vote by CAAA Trustees. Representatives of accredited institutions and other interested parties, including students, are cordially invited to read and comment on drafts. Those wishing to comment are urged to read the introductory material to each draft text. If you have a comment, please share it during the present comment period. Do not wait for a later draft. Comment-forwarding instructions are provided on each draft text. Although staff will not be able to acknowledge every comment individually, CAAA is grateful to those making specific suggestions. You need not comment if you think a text is satisfactory.

Please Note: Until any proposed changes have been approved by an affirmative vote of the CAAA Trustees, the official standards in effect are those published in the CAAA Constitution, Bylaws, Protocols and Procedures.

Proposed Revisions

There are no proposed revisions at this time.