Creative Multidisciplinary Convergence and Technologies (CMCT) Tool Kit

Following review by the memberships of the four arts accrediting associations and extensive consultation with members of the CAAA Commission on Creative Multidisciplinary Convergence and several professionals in the fields of digital and emerging media, CAAA is pleased to announce the publication of a “tool kit” of resources on the issue of creative multidisciplinary convergence and technologies.

Creative Multidisciplinary Convergence and Technologies (CMCT) is defined as the active involvement of more than one discipline in the combination or melding of two or more content forms and media through use of emerging technologies to create art or design or works/productions with significant arts/design content or presence.

In these resources, the term creative convergence refers to the combination of two or more content forms (sound, still images, moving images, text, movement, interactivity, etc.), i.e. multimedia, particularly through the use of digital and emerging technologies.

The term creative multidisciplinary convergence and technologies is intended to encompass forms and technologies that constitute means for producing work and to indicate a melding of means through technology.

Artists and designers make choices among these means as they create and realize specific works, productions, or products. Other terms such as multidisciplinary multimedia or digital media, interactive media, new media, emerging media, etc. may carry the same meaning for others. These papers focus on the activity more than its name. Understanding the names will evolve over time.

These papers provide:

  • An introduction to the concept of creative multidisciplinary convergence and technologies, currently one of the most critical and compelling areas of interest for numerous fields within higher education;
  • A set of basic materials oriented to assist institutions in the early stages of exploring the possibilities provided by CMCT.

Please Note: These documents are not intended to indicate required accreditation procedures or standards. Procedures and standards for NASAD, NASD, NASM, and NAST may be found on their respective websites. Interested individuals may wish to review the Creative Multidisciplinary Convergence and Technologies (CMCT) appendix located in each Handbook.

Please do not hesitate to contact the National Office if you have questions about the content or use of these resources.